Writing has always been an outlet for me. It’s easier for me to express what I have to say via written word. Little did I know that this gift of expression was from the Lord. I use it now, for His glory, narrating the intimate experiences of my life as well as tackling tough topics. Peculiar Black Girl describes who I am. I’m not defined by my skin color, nor do I identify myself by it. I am His: a new creation in Jesus Christ. I try to see  everything, even racism, from a spiritual perspective because that IS what the Word tells me to do. It may sound odd,  but I’m okay with that. Just a peculiar “black” girl. 😁 I go completely against the grain of this world: the popular outcry, the movement to “love” (accept) everything. It used to bother me. But it aligns with exactly what the Word says about those who follow after the Lord. Narrow is the way…. A peculiar people. I hope you enjoy my experiences and the things that the Lord shares with me.